2014-10-14 Tarot Dairy

Using physical-mental-spirit spread

Physical:The Emperor -

Mental: Knight of Pentacles -

Spirit: The Tower +

I see two hanged man, and people want free.

First two cards are the warm color, which makes me feel nervous. Maybe it's because the dark in the Knight of Pentacles. And the main color in the last one is blue and white, which makes me calm, and not nervous anymore.

There are two numbers--4 & 16; 16 is quadruple of 4, which shows if I want to free myself, I need to work hard, at least quadruple as that today.

The men I can see are the people in the card. A emperor, a knight, and two people jumping from the tower.

The emperor stays in the throne around mountains; the knight riding black horse in the plain; two people jump from tower that is very high so that we seem can touch the sky.

If I feel it in mood, I feel very nervous very restrained most in the past. Then I still can't move in the second card. But fortunately, I find my way to release, even if it needs much work.

The emperor representing physic sits straight and faces front. And the reverse knight representing mind faces the physical direction. And the two people in the tower, facing either up or down. The emperor now keeps his throne and doesn't want to move, and knight facing emperor means my heart is restrained as well. So I need too much work to break this limitation in order to get free.

My physic tells me:

You always stay in the origin and don't move forward. You are good definitely. However, you still need to work to make yourself better or you will lose your throne.

My mind tells me:

Handstand when you are free. To feel that once you do, you can feel that the world is different, at least your little world. And just do it, you will touch the ground and not need to hang in the midair.

My spirit tells me:

Free yourself, to be your true self. Don't need to care the environment around you. It maybe too tough, but it doesn't matter. It won't stop your forward steps.

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